Friday, October 29, 2010

On the office floor

A tidal wave of pelvic pain hit me today- out of nowhere. And I am still gingerly moving around....and my mind is spinning into place of worry that are not very productive.

AF is due momentarily- so cramping, run of the mill or even stronger than usual cramping wouldn't have surprised me. But this was double over, nauseating, make me delirious pain. In lower abdomen. I spent 40 minutes laying on the floor of a vacant office down the hall from my cubicle before I felt like I could stand up and go back to my desk.

Aside from the severity of it, it also concerned me that it didn't feel the same as menstrual cramps. So now it has me worried: Is something wrong? Will it happen again? Tomorrow? Next time AF comes?

I have always worried about endometriosis. My mother had it- so I've always worried. And yet oddly it has never been discusses with any of the umpteen Gynegolosits and REs I have seen. But tonight's episode has be reobessing about it- and also frustrated because from what I know- it is often hard to diagnose and harder to get pregnant with it.

Oh, yet something else related to my girly parts that baffles me and isn't in my control, that I don't understand.


  1. I'm sorry to hear you were in so much pain! How are you feeling now? Perhaps it might be a good idea to give your doctor a call?

  2. Have you called the doctor? That is so scary.