Monday, October 13, 2014

Back home.

Our embryo has come back home.  Today was the transfer.  Our last frozen embryo was thawed.  And it survived.  And it is back in me.  Home.

It wasn't until I had dropped my daughter off at preschool today that it became real for me that today was the day.  And I began to get anxious.  Through this process (and the FET cycle is SOOO much easier) I haven't worried about anything along the way.  Until today-  our transfer was at 130pm and it wasn't until 930am today that I remembered that it still had to survive the thaw.  I was very relieved when the embryologist came back in the room.  At least I only remembered a handful of hours in advance, so at least I didn't fret the whole cycle.

Today was much like our last frozen embryo transfer.  It was easy.  It was quick.  It was actually kind of fun.  It just is such an awe-some event.  To see it on the screen.  To know that it was conceived in the same batch as our now almost three year old spit-fire of a daughter.  And it is amazing how much love I feel for this embryo.  Even moreso this time, than last, I felt a connectedness on a soul level to this 5 day old bundle of cells.

Now we wait.  9 days.  I really really hope this last hurrah goes the way I want it to.

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