Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The wait

The wait has gone pretty fast, which I am not too surprised.  Between chasing an almost 3 year old, working full-time and my husband ending up in the hospital unexpectedly, it has been a whirlwind.  I also planned ahead and orchestrated it all so that a girl's weekend away I planned with 10 other mom friends fell this past weekend which also helped pass the time.

Tomorrow is my quantitative hcg blood draw.  I have not peed on a stick yet.  I have learned my lesson that it really just messes with my head.  I am planning to do a home test though tomorrow morning before going for my blood draw-  just to prepare me.  Tomorrow is 9dp5dt, so based on my experiences with our fresh IVF#1 and FET #1 I am pretty confident tomorrow's peestick will give me info.

In the symptom department I absolutely feel pregnant.  I know enough though to know that the estrogen and progesterone can exactly mimic these symptoms.  I have felt nauseous (exactly like I did when pregnant with my daughter), ravenously hungry, moody, extra sensitive, sometimes bloated.  Of course, non of this means much due to the cocktail of hormones I am on, but in the meantime it plays with my head.

The hard part about tomorrow is that in the world of infertility there really are only two answers tomorrow-  it is either No, you are not pregnant or Maybe you are pregnant-  meaning pregnant at the moment, but wait and see.  Grrr.. So much waiting.

Today I feel pretty calm.  I am glad there is only one more sleep before finding out how this part of our story will go.


  1. Great description of the this particular type of wait. Wishing you all the best with the results and what lies ahead.