Friday, August 5, 2011

Strange moments in pregnancy- take 2

- I have been fascinated lately with the fact that pregnant bellies are SO ROUND. It struck me at my recent prenatal yoga class, watching all the other bellies- that were all so round. How does that happen? I mean the kid itself, and other organs in there are lumpy blobs. If the belly took on their shape, there would be lopsided lumps and bumps. But I suppose it is the round shape as a result of the fluid filled uterus, but it is quite amazing if you think about it. Fascinating that they become so round.

- I find myself thinking often about the kid's world in there- in utero. And frankly, I am kind of worried that it might be bored. When I think of it in my arms, I think of the touch, and sounds, and smells, and interactions with lots and lots of people and things. But in utero? Doesn't it get boring?

- I have been reading a lot of May Gas.kin lately and starting to really really get excited about the actual act of giving birth (previously I was starting to get pretty anxious). But my anxiety has shifted to thinking about the kid's experience! I've been seeing pics and video that show the tight fit through the birth canal, and I worry about the kid feeling claustrophobic having its face and head all squished up like that. Yikes. Especially if it is a slow birth. If I think about it too much, it makes me get a little ancy. I guess again I have to trust that mother nature knows what it was doing in the design of this how process. (oh my! poor kid)


  1. Those are interesting thoughts! haha! I have wondered too about the round bellies! I'm glad you are feeling better about the birth.

  2. LOL! You and I have a similar line of thinking. I can't help but wonder if my little one is bored but they mostly sleep (even if they're moving they may be sleeping). Too funny!

    LOVE Ina May. Did you get her newest book? I don't have that one. I need to finish reading her Guide to Childbirth and then I need to start Spiritual Midwifery. Have you watched The Business of Being Born? I think Ina May talks in that briefly.

  3. oh wow. I was having the same conversation with my husband yesterday. He had the nerve to say he may be too scared to be in the room. So I had to talk to him about the support he will have to give to me and the child. Think of what your child is going through. I think it might be pretty shocking and painful for the child when you go through labor..but I do not think he or she will remember. At least I hope not!