Monday, August 15, 2011

Support for fellow blogger at Full Circle

Please stop over and show your love and support for Full Circle. I have followed her story for several years as her and her husband chose to become foster parents and have been a temporary stable home for many kiddos going through traumatic times. Just last week they learned the two children currently in their care were staying for good! They were given the go ahead to adopt. This weekend, Full Circle's husband was killed.

My hurt breaks for the family. No one should ever have to know loss like this. May they know some peace and comfort from the strangers that surround them in love and prayers from the blog community.

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  1. So sorry for the delayed response.. still foggy. Thank you so much for your beautiful post, dear friend.. Hugs!! ~Melissa @ Full Circle (for some reason it's not accepting my Google acct.. Not anonymous!! LOL)