Thursday, December 8, 2011

Diagnosis Day

One year ago today, we got our diagnosis. 


That unexpected diagnosis changed the rules of the game and we unexpectedly headed straight to IVF/ICSI.

One year later, as I type this, baby girl is sleeping on my chest.   And as I feel the weight of her little body on me, and feel the softness of her wispy hair on her tiny little head, I am in awe that we are here.  Four long years, but we are here.  It was a scary decision to jump into IVF-  scary physically, emotionally, and financially.  But I am so glad we did.  There are no words.


  1. What a difference a year can make. Hope you and your little one are doing well. xx

  2. I hope this next IVF really works for me too. I'm so afraid my endometriosis is coming back full force :s.
    Hope your having fun with your little girl!!
    I'm passing on an award check out the blog post:

  3. The road is long and crooked sometimes, but I'm so glad your precious little girl was waiting at the end of it.

  4. Hope you are all doing well! Had to pop on and see how things were going. I haven't been blogging much lately either!