Friday, March 20, 2009

Straddling the worlds of ND and MD

I have a foot in both camps.

I have found that both western medicine and alternative medicine have been beneficial in seeking overall health. I am grateful to have found a Naturopath that I feel (most of the time) "gets me", if you know what I mean. I have a Gynecologist who is an MD, but shares her practice with several other practitioners of alternative medicine. She believes and models the importance of caring for not just the body, but the mind and spirit as well.

But sometimes I just wish there was ONE right answer. ya know?

Since this miscarriage-

The topic of progesterone has come up a couple of different places. First, it sort of came up even before I got pregnant as my Naturopath was exploring the possibility of me having Estrogen Domi.nance. (Which as I understand COULD also mean low progesterone). Once I learned of the miscarriage, I talked to my OB about progesterone and she referenced Luteal phase defect and the debate about progesterone supplements (referring to synthetic progesterone only). And then in my recent doctors appoint with my Naturopath he said if I were to get pregnant again he would definitely want me on a bio.identical progesterone cream. ACK! Sorting this out makes my head hurt. Even google isn't helping me on this one.

I've read a lot of women taking progesterone supplements, that seems pretty routine almost? and I KNOW about bioidentical progesterone and have used it briefly before, but never heard about it being used to help prevent miscarriage in a pregnancy.

Answers. This is probably all about me wanting some answers. And the reality is, I probably will never find an answer. Perhaps I just got unlucky twice. Or perhaps my body isn't capable of staying pregnant. Or maybe all I need is a boost to my progesterone. Or maybe I will never know......

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