Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Weighing on me

Disclaimer: Everything about this post is just pure whining. There is now way around it.

During the two months just before I got pregnant, I had taken a break from trying to lose weight. I had been following Weight Watchers for 16 weeks and only managed to lose 3 pounds. I started to believe that it was a hormone imbalance or something, because by exercising and eating well there is NO way that the weight shouldn't come off. But only 3 frickin' pounds later, i was discouraged. I took a break and gained about 4 pounds. i really didn't care- It was far less stressful, and I just need a break. And then I got pregnant and gained literally 5 pounds overnight. And the weight stuck. I can't even begin to say how discouraged I am. AND UNCOMFORTABLE. I feel bloaty and big and like a saugsage stuffed in my clothes. I HATE IT SO MUCH. Just another reminder of what was supposed to be. I have lost hope that it will ever come off.

I just want to crawl up in a ball in my sweat pants and bawl my eyes out.

Feels a bit better to type it out. I so need to get over my whining.


  1. Ugh. If this is considered whining, then consider me right there whining with you! I think it is so hard dealing with extra pounds after a loss. I think I put on about 5 lbs with each pregnancy. Six pregnancies and losses later, I'm carrying around 30 pounds more than I had when I started this roller coaster. (Yes, you can add aging, my dislike of exercise, and my love for cheeseburgers and cookies to the mix...)
    This isn't intended to make you feel worse, but just to say that I sympathize with you here. It is terribly frustrating, and when you're already stressed it's hard to think about making healthy changes, at least for me anyway.
    Sorry you're struggling with this! I didn't find it whiny at all... maybe because I can relate.

  2. Don't apologize about whining! That's what we are here for! And "whining" is part of grieving. I ma right with you with the weight problem. I'm an emotional/stress eater, and have put on so much weight lately.
    Anyways, please remember we are all here for each other- happy days, sad days, and whiny days...