Tuesday, July 26, 2011

26 weeks

How Far Along? 26 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Yep. Complete strangers are most definitely asking now when I am due.

Weight Gain? 24

Stretch Marks? No

Sleep? Fine. My sinus congestion is the only thing making sleep a bit disrupted at times. Had a few nights of Restless legs, but taking iron seems to help.

Best Moment of the Week? One night the kid was particularly active. DH had his hand on my stomach and felt movement 4 different times in 4 different locations very distinctively. Pretty amazing to feel it in me on the inside and he can pinpoint the exact spot on the outside.

Movement? yes, daily. But definitely ebbs and flows. some days are quieter then others.

Food Cravings? Iced tea.

Gender? will know in 14 weeks (give or take a few)

What I miss? wearing my wedding rings

Symptoms: Overall I feel pretty good. But the last week and a half I have felt just a bit yucky frequently. Hard to put a finger on what it is. Maybe heartburn, maybe sour stomach, maybe sinus yuck, maybe all or none of the above. Will talk with my midwife about it.

What I'm looking forward to? Maternity leave

Weekly Wisdom: Enjoy every minute.

Milestones: This is the last update during the 2nd trimester. Next week's update I will be in the 3rd (OMG!)

Emotions: Disbelief. Joy.

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  1. Yay!! I can't believe you're almost to the 3rd tri! So glad things are going well.