Sunday, September 18, 2011

Even I can't stand me right now

I feel like I am having a mini-meltdown. Nothing I can put my finger on concretely. Just this feeling of being a basketcase through and through.

I have had an extremely short fuse. I am gruff with DH every other word. I don't find myself enjoying much that I normally know I would. I am easily overwhelmed by stupid small stuff and I can't even stand to be around myself I am so incredibly cranky.

I am plain grumpy and feeling a fragile and frazzled. I SO hope this mood is short lived.

I know I am in desperate need of some self-care. But you know when you are so depleted that even taking the steps to add a little self-care in your life seems SO daunting?


I have a massage and a haircut in the next two days. I at least scheduled that. I have scheduled myself "out of the office" for several blocks of time this week to shorten some of my days. I figure that is a good start.... I hope some extra rest can get me out of this funk. I need to rest. I need to not feel so overwhelmed. I don't feel like "me" and I don't like that.


  1. When pregnant with my first I thought I'd never be "me" again. And in a way that is true. But in regard to being cranky and short-fused it DOES go away. And I can just add that I'm RIGHT there with you! Just before getting on here and reading this I was busy being cranky and crabby with everyone here. I know there's a light at the end of the tunnel... and praying I reach it soon because I'm about to rip my hair out!

  2. I am there right now! I am 23 weeks..though. hmm. I am grumpy! Could because I upped my meds for my thryoid..but i am tired. So tired. I just fell asleep at work. anyways..I am so glad you are cutting back at work, and you set up your massage and haircut. You have motivated me to do this. I am going to set myself a massagae...ehh..probably not. They are so expensive. But I will ask my hubby to massage my back. That is probably bettter;0