Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Long over due: 30, 31, 32

This week is a 30, 31, 32 week update combined into one. Where or where has the time gone. Life has been - well, crazy- but I'll save the details of the craziness for another post.

How Far Along? 32 weeks 1 day

Maternity Clothes? Bought a few more shirts, so I would have something fun to wear to our showers and because I was getting a little tired of my options in my closet.

Weight Gain? 32; Not at all what I had planned on gaining, but the most frequent comment I get lately is how surprised people are that I am as far along as I am. I guess people think I look on the small size belly wise. So go figure...I just have a plan for being very diligent in losing it afterwards.

Stretch Marks? No

Sleep? Okay- not great, but not a huge inconvenience. My back aches so I toss and turn and my mind has been in overdrive at night which fuels insomnia.

Best Moment of the Week? First baby shower; feeling baby hiccups, I love my midwife appointments. First birth class (loved it).

Movement? Yes- Frequently the kicks and jabs are strong enough that it hurts, which I oddly really enjoy. I felt its butt repeatedly pushing up on my ribs one day over and over and over during staff meeting which was kinda fun. There are days when baby is really really mellow and that has caused a few anxious times, but glad those are not the norm.

Food Cravings? Nothing I can think of.

Gender? Will know in 8 weeks give or take- people are loving making predictions.

What I miss? More than anything this pregnancy I mostly miss wearing my wedding rings.

Symptoms: The last two weeks i have turned a corner and definitely feeling good (really good) again. I have NO idea why I felt so miserable from week approx. 25 to 30 but now that I feel good again it is apparent that I felt really really crappy. Not taking any of these good days for granted.

Looking forward to: Nursery being done. Feeling a bit like it will never happen....

Weekly Wisdom: The to-do list will never ever be fully done. Deal with it.

Milestones: Glucose test (passed); Random strangers in grocery store (etc.) asking when I am due. Started birth classes.

Emotions: A few hormonally induced emotional fits. First one I could tell DH didn't quite know what to do with me. We had a good chat afterwards, I promised him it is pregnancy related hormones and he was much more understanding with the second crying fit. Oh vey.

How in the world is it that I am only 5-10 weeks away from having this baby. A real life baby.

I will never fully wrap my mind around it.

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