Sunday, September 11, 2011

Strange pregnancy moments

I've done several posts during this pregnancy of some of the odd and the unexpected things. This one has been one I am noticing more and more.

Throughout our relationship DH and I have been big on walking hand in hand or arm in arm. We tend to be touchy people and like being close to each other that way. Since somewhere in the late 2nd trimester- this has changed. I can't handle being touched by him when we are walking. I've tried holding hands, arm in arm, his hand on the small of my back or around my waist- and it doesn't matter what we try- I just can't handle it.

I am not sure exactly what it is- but a big part of it is that walking while pregnant takes more concentration to balance and I find I am more aware of my pelvis area, keeping it aligned. And the distraction of extra sensory input of being in physical contact with DH is too much.

We laugh about it- it really seems so absurd. of the things I look forward to, walking hand in hand again is high on the list.

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