Tuesday, November 1, 2011

40 Weeks- And still pregnant

How Far Along? 40 Weeks;  My due date -  11/1/11.  The date that has been hovering out there since the day we found out our IVF cycle worked.  Actually-   that date has been ingrained even before then-  as I started calculating and reclacluating the estimated due dates from the time we knew when our Egg Retrieval would be.

Today is my due date.  Amazing.  Crazy.

Maternity Clothes? Yoga pants are my favorite.  I want nothing to do with socks these days.

Weight Gain? Not sure; don't want to know right now.

Stretch Marks? None;  Not sure how that happened-  I haven't been using any lotions/cremes because I didn't believe they actually worked. 

Sleep? Same as it has been all pregnancy- wake up once every night. Not a big deal.

Best Moment of the Week?  Our church included us in the prayers on Sunday at worship, and my tears flowed out of gratitude for where we are at and for our church family that has been with us this whole journey.. 

Movement? Yes, but can tell it is crowded in there.

Food Cravings? Everything dairy; don't ask me why.  And apples too. Overall, food isn't my friend again these days.

Gender? Will know so so soon.

What i miss?  Right now I am doing a pretty good job reminding myself of how soon baby will be here and so all the aches and woes seem temporary. 

Symptoms: Really tender in my pelvis, walking is really tough right now.  Heartburn.  Exhaustion.  No sign of my mucous plug;  I have had a few fleeting moments when I thought maybe I was having some practice contractions, but really hard to say for sure.   

Looking forward to:  Everything

Weekly Wisdom:   "Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us..." Ephesians 3.20

Milestones: Due date!  And I finally found a bringing-baby-home outfit that I love.

Emotions:Mostly numb.  Trying to just stay in the present moment.

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