Sunday, June 14, 2009

A good day

Usually Sundays are hard for me. I usually feel rushed, feel the weight of not having gotten enough done on the weekend. The dread of Monday being around the corner. But today was different- not exactly sure why- but its still early in the evening, and I am relaxed, and feeling ready for the week.

I had a presentation to give this morning. And I realized once it was done, a weight lifted off my shoulders- I had no idea it was weighing on me. Also, I am currently working as an interim at my old job just until they hire- and the new hire was introduced today. That is great news- the end is in sight and I will have some more free time. And, Hubby and I have a balcony, but no yard- so we did are best at making as much planting space as possible on our balcony- herbs, green peppers, lavender, oriental poppies. So excited. And I just did the dishes (I usually leave the dishes for DH). Aren't you glad you stopped by to read about my thrilling day. Ha! But, it all added up to leave me in a good space tonight.

But, I also am a bit hopeful again today. I've been mapping out my cycle, and actually excited to start trying again. With medical intervention and without. And summer is almost here- so I feel like life might slow down a bit- and we can just play.

Oh- and I have gotten back in the grove of eating well and i have feeling centered and strong.

none of these things are rocket science, but I feel like it all shifted to lift some of my clouds that were hanging around.

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  1. Hi there. I'm new to your blog.

    It sounds like you are starting to feel better. I am glad to hear you are excited about TTC again. We are TTC again too after 2 blighted ovums. *sighs* Hopefully third time is a charm, heh?