Monday, May 23, 2011

Heavy Heart

My heart is heavy tonight, feeling the fear, grief, helplessness, and exhaustion of dear blogger women who could use some extra virtual hugs right now-  Please stop by and lend them some support.

For Serenity as they have decided to close the chapter on TTC and are seeking to embrace life as a family of three.

For Mrs. Lemon, who shares the same due date as me, who just posted about a scary hemorrhage, ambulance ride to the ER, and indefinite bed rest.  Sending positive thoughts to her and her lil boy.

And for Jennifer, who said goodbye to their perfect little boy Gavin who was born too soon.  No parent should ever have to experience leaving the hospital without their child in their arms.

My heart hurts.  It is all too much.  Wishing I could take even an ounce of their grief or fear away.  Wishing this road wasn't so damn hard.

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