Monday, April 13, 2009

Wanted: Fast Forward function on my Grief remote control

In one of the fitness/weight loss blogs I read Roni, wrote about the funk she was fighting. She was struggling through her day, and not making good choices. One of her commentors pointed out that Roni had just finished a 10K race, a goal she had been working towards for a long time. She had the high of completion and the culmination of the load road to achieving that goal, followed by a vaccuum. She did not yet have her next big goal. The commentor said "Realize that this is only temporary, DO continue to fight it, but don’t be so hard on yourself because you are doing what the human animal tends to do. It’s very depressing to finish a goal, because then….what to do??"

This hit home for me. Realizing that all my energy after this recent d&c has been put into creating new goals. I have been making a point to answer the "what to do next?" before the funk could set in. I skipped the "funk" by throwing myself into a laudry list of new goals. I went back to Weight Watchers (not successfully so far), I started an advanced spanish class, I finally hired a handyman to fix the damn squeaky bed, I took on a new project at work.

But, we all know you can't really avoid the funk. I think Friday was all about the funk finally catching up. Sometimes, the funk just needs to be there. There is no way to fast forward grief, as much as I really really would like to. My to do list can't be a substitute for not grieving the loss of our expectations in life.

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  1. Wow, definitely an excellent point. It's easy to let busy-ness take over and go into auto pilot mode for a while, but I agree that sometimes it's okay to just let all of that out.