Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bloodwork and Banking

Yesterday I had a quick blood draw. My RE wanted to check my AMH to look at ovarian reserve. I was going to object, because it isn't covered by insurance and I just had this done a year ago and it was fine then.

But a year ago, I didn't have a grapefruit size endometrioma encasing my ovarian. And after consulting Dr. google, I am learning that ovarian reserve can be hindered by this cyst. Ugh! Just what I need. Saying some prayers that my eggs are still plentiful.

The doctor also ordered a glucose/insulin test. Which I am so glad. I have been concerned that I have developed insulin resistant and I mentioned this to me. And he took me seriously! (Novel concept- can you tell that my experience with doctors in the past has me a bit jaded). I'll have both tests back in a week. That is about the only thing we are waiting on before knowing for sure if we'll start IVF next cycle.

Then the bank. We had some unexpected extra time after visiting the lab and before I had to get to work, so we stopped at the bank to explore one of the options we are considering in figuring out how to make the finances work for IVF. DH admitted to me later that he was fully expecting the trip to be a waste of time. And instead it was the easiest, most straightforward process and we gained a ton of information from a very sweet banker. Basically, if we choose to go this route, we are now all set to be able to make the IVF for our next cycle. And all it took was 20 minute conversation and setting up a few things. As we left the bank, arm in arm I teared up a bit- grateful to have something go so smoothly for a change, and I said to DH "She (the banker) has no idea the significant role she just played in the final steps to bringing us home a baby." DH giggled and squeezed me and we walked to the car in amazement. He has mentioned that moment several times since as he says he loves hearing me talk with hope again for a change.

And he is right, it does feel good to let hope seep back in just a bit-


  1. So glad that banking lady was there to help you and to make your day. I hope the blood work comes back with some good results.

  2. So glad she was able to help!!