Sunday, December 5, 2010

Step 1& 2 done- 3, 4, & 5 to come

My Plan I've added one more plan of action, so my 4 step plan is now 5 steps. The goal in all of this is a) having movement so I feel like I am pro-active in our TTC and overall health, and b) making sure at the end of this journey, however it goes, that I can feel like I advocated for myself in making no stone is unturned. Step 1 was my current gynecologist- I was skeptical. She hasn't been the greatest doctor for me and I have been on the verge of walking away from my 12 year relationship with her. This appointment sealed the deal. I talked about my extreme pain I had experience last cycle and she was patronizing, tapped me on the knee, and said- "pain is just a part of getting older, make sure to have some advil handy." She also repeatedly reminded me I was soon to be advanced maternal age and I needed to "get a move on" and get pregnant. My jaw hit the ground- she KNOWS my history- two miscarriages and now infertility- WHAT DOES SHE THINK I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO DO. Anyways. Done with her. Needless to say, the appointment didn't accomplish much, other than confirming for me she is not a good doctor for me.

Step 2- I had an appointment with a nutritionist I have been working with a bit. Nothing earth shattering came from it, but good for overall health. I told her I believe I have insulin resistance, and she was helpful in saying that it is a credible disorder and that any (good) doctor should pursue exploring this.

Step 3 is this week. And I am surprised that i am the most nervous about this one. I'm seeing my RE. I haven't seen him in a long while (9months maybe?). I'll be talking to him about this severe pain and insulin resistance. But also, I want to map out as plan b (well, C? D? down the road a bit more) the pre-testing needed for IVF. I'm still giving us another year or so, give or take a few months, but once we reach the point of feeling ready to move on to IVF, i don't want to dawdle getting to the start line.

Step 4 and 5 are for good measure- seeing an naturopath/acupuncturist the following week and a gynecologist that came highly recommended by a friend. If my RE takes me seriously and is aggressive in trying to understand this pain, and my insulin concerns- I may cancel the appointment with the gynecologist. But if not- I wanted a back-up option already on the calendar.

It is a lot of appointments, it feels like overkill. But then again, it feels good to have a plan. Most of all, it just feels good to finally have the energy (again) to plow forward- I feel like we've refocused on what we want in all of this (family) and what we have to do to move us in that direction (push the rock up the hill of TTC).

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  1. Sounds like a great plan and the start of many possibilities.