Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pregnancy induced sappy moments

It has to be the hormones. I've found myself crying at the drop of a hat a couple of times the last few days. All tears of joy though. But I feel like such a sap.

But it also makes me just laugh at myself.

The first time happened in the shower. (Forewarning- this is definitely TMI). (did I forewarn you?!) So, to back up a second, I've read in several pregnancy books and websites that the ta-tas start preparing early in the pregnancy and that women can experience some discharge or leaking as early as 16-17 weeks. This was news to me and a bit shocking- it seemed SO early. Meanwhile, I have also been a bit intrigued with the girls as they have grown and changed. But getting big is the only significant change so far. Fastforward to this week while I have been traveling for work. At the end of a long day, I was taking a shower and low and behold I noticed when I squeezed that a few tiny drops started to appear. I just started sobbing tears of joy. I know, so sappy- but just in awe to see my body actually doing something to prepare for this kid was just unreal. And made it seem all the more real.

In another sappy moment, I was at an all day meeting that took place in this gorgeous water front building. During a break, I went out on to this all glass enclosed balcony and the view was just incredible, air was warm, sun was shining. And I just started tearing up, telling the kid that "this", this beauty and everything in the world like this is what I wanted to share with him/her. This is what I got excited about bringing the him/her into the world.
Definitely a hormone induced sappy moment, but is just starting to feel more and more real.

Which feels so unreal.

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  1. I don't know completely if its the hormones:) You know once you go through years of torture to get truly appreciate life and your new baby is a blessing and a miracle! I mean, think back..remember how hard it was going through trying to conceive. The stress is enormous. I am so happy for you and your family! And yes..I am 7 weeks pregnant and the ta tas are looking different! WOW! they get huge!