Friday, January 15, 2010

It's happened

The inevitable.

A baby shower invitation. Two of them actually for two different people. Just 7 days apart.


I need to an excuse to be out of town, and I need it quick!


  1. You are more than welcome to come visit me. :)

    (Hugs) I am very sorry.

  2. You can visit me out here in sunny CA. But, I know how much those suck. I am so sorry.

  3. You can come visit me on the east coast!

    I avoid those like the plague. Ick!

  4. I looked at your schedule, and it looks like you have a horrible stomach flu. But you didn't know that until the last minute. That way they won't get mad at you for not planning around it.

  5. *groan* i hate that. you'll find a way. be out of town the first weekend, and sick from some exotic bug you got on your fabulous weekend away by the second weekend. And take the fabulous getaway! Just don't get the bug!

  6. So unfair :( Just know that you don't need an excuse to be out of town. Honestly, going to a baby shower is the last bit of torment that you need to inflict on yourself. Politely say that you have a conflict and send a little gift and be done with the tormenting thoughts. It's okay to not go :)

    Why we feel as if we have to justify these things I don't know, but we don't HAVE to DO anything that makes us uncomfortable or weepy. Protect yourself.

    If it makes you feel any better, I got 2 bact to back x-mas cards that said "baby XYZ due in May". Made me cry..happy for them, but sad for me :(