Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I am driving myself batty.

Spent way too much time last night googling "BFP days after iui." I THOUGHT that my BFN on 11dpiui meant this cycle was over. Maybe I am just reading and seeing just what I WANT to see, but the more I read, the more i am reading that 11 days after is still a bit on the early side statistically to test.

So now I want to buy more pee sticks.

I have had AF-like cramps so it feels like AF is inevitable. But I know that in reality that cramps or no cramps really doesn't telling you with certainty whether this is BFP of BFN.

Sigh- so I really don't know anything, but definitely losing any state of Zen-ness that I had been trying to have.

Limbo is exhausting.

Will buy more HPTs tonight and test ONE LAST TIME tomorrow and then try to shake this insanity and move on from obsessing.


  1. Thinking of you as you wait. It's such a time of uncertainty and I know it's not easy. Hoping for good news, but praying for you either way.

  2. Yes, limbo is exhausting. I agree 110%.

  3. Limbo sucks but 11dpiui is still too early hon.