Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pajama paralysis

I am anxious today.

The kind of anxiety where you can't quite pin point why.

It was the same thing yesterday.

It is taking all of my will power to get out of my p.j.s and out of the house.

I have my bike gear on. I have actually had it on for near an hour now. And I was "thinking" about putting it on for two hours prior to that.

Not sure why I feel so paralyzed by anxiety.

Maybe there is a lot on my mind? Maybe it is just PMS as AF is just a day or two away. I am hoping it is just PMS. Cuz, the level of anxiety doesn't match reality.

Hoping it doesn't take another hour to get out the door. I need some momentum today, and staying in my p.j.s will not help one bit.


  1. You will feel better after a nice bike ride!

  2. (Hugs) I know that feeling all to well. I hope you have a great bike ride.