Wednesday, March 23, 2011

8 wk 1day Update

I've had this post drafted for over a week. I keep updating it but never posting it. My irrational side is still trying to tell me to hold off on acting like I am pregnant until my u/s tomorrow. But I know that shortly after that, I'll find a new milestone to hold off until- and the goal posts keep moving. So, I am going forth and acting pregnant. These weekly updates are mostly for me, I just don't want to forget any of this- the good and the bad.

How Far Along? 8weeks 1day

Maternity Clothes? No. But the bloating or whatever it is came really early. I have to be selective with what I wear as some of it is already too tight and some if it just screams- "look at my growing midsection". I have only three pairs of pants that I will wear to work any more. Shopping needs to happen soon.

Weight Gain? 2 lb (Ahem, not including weight gained during IVF). Really hope this stays at this for a few more weeks. I want to gain slowly at first.

Stretch Marks? No

Sleep? For the last three weeks, I have been waking up every morning, without fail, around 3-4am for no reason. Sometimes I go to the bathroom just because I am up, but I don't think that is why I wake up in the first place. Strange and slightly annoying. Up until earlier this week, I was crashing at night around 7:30pm- dead tired. This week I haven't been quite as tired which is nice (but worries me too, I worry it is a sign of symptoms fading. Sigh, ya can't win when miscarriage is your past).

Best Moment of the Week? Being home all day last Friday and doing absolutely nothing. Much needed mental sanity day. Also, every time that DH talks about or talks to the kiddo.

Movement? No

Food Cravings? Last week it was anything tomato based- especially pizza and marinara. and Honey toast. This week sloppy joes. Beyond that I have a lot of food aversions- The list is too long of things I won't eat or look at.

Gender? We won't be finding out sex prior to the kid's arrival

What I miss? Being productive. And I miss liking my job. I really really dislike work right now- and I am assuming it is just a symptom of 1st trimester.

Symptoms: Nauseousness is the most bothersome and the most constant. I hate it very much. And I have tried everything, without finding any relief. I am convinced nothing really helps. Some days, the nauseousness fades. I freak out. But it hasn't gone away completely. Girls are still sore, but not nearly as sore as Week 5 and 6. Little bit of heartburn a couple times a week. A few headaches a week.

What I'm looking forward to? U/S tomorrow and nauseousness going away. And starting to be a better friend in blogland. I am so behind.

Weekly Wisdom: Breath. Just take a deep breath. (and find a new tv series to watch on netflix to pass the time)

Milestones: Heartbeat at 6wk3day u/s. And it is a milestone to be at 8 weeks 1 day and have not yet been given threatening news. By 8 weeks, in both of the other pregnancies, we had been given the first u/s that showed likely a blighted ovum. For now, we are entering 8 weeks and have good news. That is a milestone.

Emotions: Train Wreck. Earlier this week I was a train wreck emotionally. Doing a little better. But still fragile.


  1. Love the idea of weekly updates... and looking forward to all your posts :)) Good luck for tomorrow... hope it makes it all feel more real and more fun for you. Love always xoxo

  2. Loving your post!!! So happy you decided to post it!! Can't wait to hear about your ultrasound tomorrow!!!! Good luck!!! xoxo

  3. Hope your u/s went great today.

  4. I get you about hating work. While I knew intellectually that I loved and appreciated my DH, at some point in my pregnancy I hated him. For no reason. Word to the wise. If this happens to you DON'T TELL HIM. Mine was all hurt. I had told him that I knew it was the hormones, and that it was an unfounded hatred, and that I really didn't hate him intellectually. But he was still touchy about it forever. I've always had a 100% honesty policy, unless telling them would hurt them irreparably. I figured a temporary hormonal hatred wasn't going to be a permanent scar. Apparently I was wrong.

    To make it up to him, I never once actually smothered him with a pillow in the middle of the night when he developed a loud (Seriously. LOUD. Hear it throughout the house, loud.) snore during a cold. The snore still hasn't gone away. It's been over 3 years now. :( But I would sit there in the dark trying to think up a reason NOT to smother him. I knew that I'd probably regret it, and raising a child would be harder on my own, but these were rational, calculated thoughts. Emotionally, I wanted to snuff him. For snoring.