Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Symptom Watch

Noting symptoms is an interesting process when pregnancy falls on the heels of IVF. Because it is near impossible to determine what is causing or caused the symptoms: Umpteen injections of hormones? HCG levels rising? Being relatively sedentary for weeks now (months)? Who knows- but for what it is worth, here is my observations:

(Updated to add- I have been writing this post over the past couple of days and of course the first trimester gods are conspiring to mess with me- because today? Today I have had almost NO FRICKIN' SYMPTOMS. And I am remembering I hate this roller coaster. There is just nothing, absolutely nothing that can tell me this is going to be okay. So, I am trying to breathe....)

Here we go-

Short Fuse- OMG! Everyone and Everything annoys me. Seriously - EVERYTHING! I can't even stand to be around myself. And I get frustrated with the simplest things- all problem solving ability has gone out the window. Ugg.

Dry skin- I want to take a bath in a tub of lotion. I feel like a reptile.

Food and Nausea- my relationship with food is interesting. The immense hunger I feel at times is unreal. And it comes out of no where. Similarly there are times when I have absolute zero interest in food or drink. The other dilemma though is that when I am nauseous it feels like I just need to eat a little. But then I eat a little and I just feel more nauseous. My cravings also come and go quickly. I will have an intense craving for something and by the time I get it out of the fridge and heat it up it smells revolting. I remember cravings from my other pregnancies and I still find it amazing that a little hcg in my bloodstream and I crave foods I don't even like! (But, like I said before- then today I was almost totally fine with food).

The Girls- The girls aren't growing yet like I remember from before. Maybe it is too early (I remember them getting huge fast in the other pregnancies but maybe I am mistaken). They are just a little sore, but the nips are very very sensitive. Again- I find this all crazy strange.

Achiness in my nether region- Shortly after I got a positive test my ovaries started flaring up again. They had gotten big and tender and achy after the ER, and just as they started calming down a bit they flared up again. It felt like there was a wrestling match going on in me. Finally in the past few days I no longer feel like I have been punched over and over in the gut and it feels like my ovaries are starting to settle back into their normal position in there, whatever that means. Occasionally I get some cramping, menstrual type cramping, particularly in my lower back. And it freaks me out a bit. Thankfully it never lasts long. And it seems to be happening less and less.

Dreams- I am usually not a dreamer. But I am dreaming all the time. So far they all seem silly and not really very meaningful, but they are constant and vivid. I also am not sleeping entirely well. I wake up for no reason around 3am every night and feel like I have a harder time getting and staying a sleep. DH has already moved into the guest room because I am such a bear to be around (Refer back to "Short Fuse")

Tiredness- I am tired. Bed time is earlier and earlier, but the semi-ran-over-me exhaustion I remember from before hasn't yet hit me.

Bloated- Especially by the end of the day I am bloaty. It makes me sad how much pudge there is down there and I can't decipher between weight gain from life or what is just pregnancy puffiness. But it is not going to be hideable for long.


  1. When I fell pregnant after IVF I found it so hard for the first few weeks to pinpoint whether what I was feeling were symptoms, or just left over drug side effects...After a few weeks and the drugs wore off it was easier to figure out and to look back and see which were which!

    Keeping my FX that everything is all ok. xx

  2. I'm 11 weeks today and I have/had lots of the same symptoms. Super bloated! My breasts don't really hurt when I'm pregnant either; maybe every now and again they get tender (and I am still breastfeeding my youngest daughter).

    And the DREAMS! I have crazy dreams, vivid dreams.

  3. I know what you mean! I have been having crazy symptoms all week, and this morning I woke up and felt FINE. Which of course is freaking me out. :) Hang in there!


  4. Pregnancy symptoms are weird and wonderful... but now being on IVF, I can see how the hormones can mess with our mind too. Have my FX'd for you too and sending you lots of love as you start this amazing chapter :) Congratulations again... hand in there xoxo