Friday, March 4, 2011

U/S countdown: 1 week from today

Thanks for all of your input into my dilemma about when to have the u/s. I appreciated all the perspectives. After going back and forth (many many times) I decided to leave it as is- the big day is one week from today, I will be 6wk3days. I don't even know what to think about that. That is probably a post for another time. Because to be honest- I don't think I am emotionally ready to think about it quite yet, let alone write about it. I SO want that day to come and yet at the same time I never want it to come. We have only ever had bad news at OB u/s. We have only ever seen that awful, empty black sac. Empty. Friday, just 1 week, is decision day.

On the symptom front, yesterday was the first day I can say I felt pregnant all day long - I was nauseous like crazy, exhausted, belly was so bloated by the end of the day, the girls hurt like mad and felt like huge watermelons. It's a bit rough, but it brings me relief- it makes me feel like I am contributing to the process by putting up with all those symptoms. And it gives me hope that all might be okay.

I did some looking at my old blogging and my journal I kept (Before I started blogging, which btw I have been blogging here now for 2 years, crazy) and I realized that with both of my miscarriages the pregnancy symptoms - mostly exhaustion, sore/big girls, and nauseousness- didn't start until right at 6 weeks and faded mid way through the 7 week. I thought that I had started feeling pregnant much earlier, so it was interesting to confirm that my symptoms last time started later in the pregnancy than I recalled.

Today was a milder day symptom wise, but the symptoms were still lingering. And the "hit by a semi-truck" exhaustion is undeniable. I have crawled into bed before 7pm multiple times this week. Tomorrow is the first day in AGES that I can sleep as long as I want and I am so so looking forward to it.

One full work week.

Deep breath.


  1. I am wondering about multiples with the symptoms you are having (though I think your tests would have been positive a bit earlier, but STILL). In any case, I think it's FANTASTIC that your symptoms are so strong, and, I hate to wish this on you, but I hope they keep getting worse and worse!

    Oh, and got your FB message. . . I also checked my spam folder and nothing from you. So strange?! Let's plan a date soon!

  2. How exciting :)) The exhaustion is amazing in T1... look after yourself and get plenty of sleep. Looking forward to hearing all your good news to come xoxo

  3. I am just so happy for for you. Thrilled. Just breathe and relax and the time will pass. I hope that it passes quickly. Enjoy every moment.