Tuesday, March 29, 2011

9 week- Update

Sorry I have been a stranger. Nausea and exhaustion are still kickin' my butt. I am a terrible blog friend right now too with my Reader list a mile long. But I I think I am starting to see the light at the end of the (still long) tunnel.

How Far Along? 9weeks

Maternity Clothes? No. But the three work pants I am wearing are getting awfully uncomfortable. Really, so soon!!? I have been doing some online window shopping as my inseam length is really hard to find in maternity clothes and finding clothes that fit won't be an easy feat. I also tried on a few clothes at a maternity clothes store with the strap on belly- surreal to imagine this belly growing into that.

Weight Gain? 4.5 lb Ugg. Need to slow that down. My nausea is making me want carbs and comfort food.

Stretch Marks? No

Sleep? Still waking up once around 4am every night. Wide away and sleepless for no reason. Crawling into bed the minute I get home from work.

Best Moment of the Week? U/S at 8week2days.

Movement? No

Food Cravings? Aversions are very strong, but cravings are not as intense. I dislike hearing anyone talk about food, period. And can only handle being in the grocery store for a few minutes before I feel sick.

Gender? We won't be finding out sex prior to the kid's arrival

What I miss? Exercise and being active. I am such a bump on a log.

Symptoms: I was worried my symptoms were fading, but now I am starting to trust a bit that they are not fading, but actually just coming and going. Sometimes they are really noticeable and othertimes more manageable. I actually felt okay enough to get some things done around the house on Sat. for a change. I literally have not been getting anything accomplished for weeks and weeks. Girls don't hurt much anymore- only from time to time. And they don't seem to be getting bigger, which is puzzling and worries me a bit. But DH disagrees and insists they are growing.

What I'm looking forward to? Feeling better. Staying up until 10pm without severe fatigue. Hopefully another u/s next week.

Weekly Wisdom: I feel like I am lacking wisdom this week.

Milestones: Had 1st Midwife appointment; It was okay, just okay. I have another appointment with a different clinic tomorrow. I'll give the full run-down of both later this week.

Emotions: Bit less fragile. And occasionally feeling joy and excitement for the future peaking its head in.


  1. Glad to hear that things are going well! OMG, team green??! Ahh that would kill me, but that would be cool :-)

  2. The exhaustion is really hard, but your doing a good job! Only a couple of more weeks and it will let up a little.

  3. Know that feeling of not being able to think or talk about food and feeling overwhelmingly sick in a grocery store ! Hope each week gets easier :)) Look after yourself xoxo

  4. Glad to hear that all is well! Hope the nausea starts getting better soon! :)

  5. I totally craved McDonald's my first few months! I gained 20 pounds! (Then another 10 the rest of the time.) Then, after the half-mark, junk food started nauseating me. I would stare at the bag of Double Stuf Oreos or Cheetos Cheese Puffs and cry because I wanted them... I knew I LOVED them... but the thought of eating them made me ill.
    I don't think my "ladies" really got much bigger. Maybe just firmer? It's harder for us to notice, since we aren't aficionados, and by their nature they tend to gloop around to fill the space they're given, so you probably won't one day magically be bustin' out of your bra [pun intended]... until your milk comes in.