Sunday, September 27, 2009

Could have, but didn't

There are so many things that can go wrong in the process of journeying from desire to having a child to actually having a child. And even in the short little journey from CD1 on a Clomid/HCG injection/IUI cycle to insemination- there are so many things that could go wonky and not work according to plan.

This cycle has been textbook. To the T perfect. And while I have to remind myself that that doesn't guarantee the ultimate outcome that I desire, I still am beyond grateful right now that, so far, things are going 100% on plan.

My Cl.omid Cha.llenge test passed with flying colors. Clo.mid hasn't been evil for me like the horror stories I feared. In fact, I have felt really really good. Today, cd 13 I went in for my u/s: I have been educating the husband along the way (and he has been an eager student, which I love!). And I was telling him all the things that COULD happen- my follicles could be poor responders to the medicine, and we would have to cancel, my follicles could be not ready yet, I could have too many follicles to proceed safely, I could have already ovulated. And I am sure there are other possibilities for what "could" have happened today. But none of that happened.

Today was textbook- perfect. My endometrium (right word?) looks great. I have two follicles on the right, measuring nice and plump and one on the left. I saw them right way- and was grinning ear to ear. Absolutely joy.

It was nice to, for a change, be on the u/s table with the dim lights, watching the screen, and feeling joy instead of sorrow.

My shot will be tonight at 10pm. IUI at 10am on Tuesday. Yee haw!!! Here we go- another wild ride.

(p.s. Okay, my only hesitation is this: do I really want three plump follicles? Two I know is good, but three? Um....yikes. The "what ifs" are scary to think about)

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  1. Well, lets just keep our attention focused on 1 fertilizing and implanting. :) Don't worry about the others until you have to :). Glad everything seems to be smooth sailing.