Thursday, September 24, 2009

Take that Clo@#%$%(mid Chall!#@#$@enge Test

My FSH today was, and I quote the nurse "excellent, really really good, both cd3 and cd10 were just how we like to see it." Her name was cathy (I think), and i don't know enough people at the clinic yet to even place if I know who she is. But I could just hug her- she called with semi-trivial information about an FSH number, and she truly seemed excited and relieved for me. And I have only had one real appointment there so far so its not like she could know me personally. I am a stranger to her, an id number on a lab slip. And yet, she just was just what I needed to hear. I wish I had saved the voicemail.

And, I am thrilled to have another test behind us and have good results. I know that it only gives us a little bit more information- and there are still so many unknowns. but for today, it is adding to my hopefulness.


  1. YAY! So happy that your FSH numbers came back looking really good!