Friday, September 18, 2009

RE Apptointment and why I love my husband even more

A 2nd consultation with a RE and I fall in love even more with my husband.

He literally skipped out of the office, like a school boy at recess. This is the second time he has done this, and my heart overflows with love.

When I asked why, he said he loved that we are actually doing something. He says "We're doing it wifey. We are gettin' things done." He just kept saying how good he felt about the appointment. He came out of the first meeting the same way. And I love him all the more for it. I love that he is 100% in this with me- all of him. I love that he is 100% in this because he want to create family. Our family. I love that it matters to him as much as to me. I don't think I could ask for anything more.

The appointment did go well. I had more confidence in this doctor. Maybe the 1st doctor, Dr. Penelope, would have been just as good, but I walked away with the trust that was lacking in the first meeting.

She was mostly matter of fact, but enough of a human side that she wasn't off putting. We covered a lot of ground. And she was answering questions I had before I even asked them. I actually learned from her (and I consider myself very well-informed.) I didn't feel like I learned much from Dr. P. So- I am pleased and glad it worked out this way.

Tidbits from the meeting (in no organized fashion)-
So far I have been completely impressed with the compassion and customer service of the nurses, lab techs, receptionist, and billing person.
Dr. grass is greener isn't at all concerned about DH semen analysis results. That was probably the most surprising news and the best news we could receive. She is not considering it as part of our problem. She says that, while there are differing opinions, she said experience is showing that morphology numbers are less and less important. When looking at the numbers she said, quote "not bad."
She did ask about DH chemo three years ago. but seemed to agree with what the oncologists take that the chemo shouldn't be our problem.
So,- the focus is on me. My heart got a bit heavy when I re-remembered that we have to resolve TWO issues- 1) the fact that we are not getting pregnant easily (TTC for near two years) AND 2) that if I get pregnant we don't know what will happen. I realized I have been living in denial - I have only focused on the difficulty getting pregnant. This was a clear reminder that we don't yet know what will happen if I do get pregnant. argh.
She first leaned towards testing for causes of the miscarriages, but then backed off and admitted that even if diagnosed there aren't a lot of easy treatments- other than extra folic and low-dose aspirin which I can do anyways.
she said that she can probably get a look at my uterus mostly just from u/s and so i don't have to do the sono- something or other right away.
She said that I have lots of antral follicle (spelling? did I get that word right) which is good. And I don't show the classic signs of PCOS. My left ovary was small and difficult to see- something might be going on there but she isn't concerned, but it still had a very healthy number of follicles on that one too.
We had a great conversation about endometriosis(my mother had it) and she put my mind at ease on that.

IVF was talked about more than I was comfortable with (yet). but the odds are definitely better with IVF- 20$ approx for IUI and 70% for IVF (apprx. for our situation). But if we are in that 30% and shelled out the money, I don't know if I can live with that.

I feel like I could keep typing. It was informative. She still wants for me to do the clomid challenge test. And being we are doing clomid, we might as well do an iui. And then we'll reassess. So, next step is clomid starting tomorrow for 5 days, blood work on cd10 and u/s on cd13. And then we'll go from there....


  1. Great news! I went through ALL the testing and they can't find thing wrong with me. The only thing wrong is my husbands has low morph....I just think that is NOT a coincidence, do you?

    A fetal medicine doctor told me to take a baby aspirin everyday and a prenatal called Neevo that had a lot of folic acid in it. Also, when you get pregnant to take progesterone. I am doing all of this now.

  2. I really hope that this is the right doctor for you. It helps so much when you feel as though you have the best doctor!

    Awwww, your husband sounds so sweet! It makes it much easier to deal with all the struggles with IF to have a wonderful support system!