Thursday, October 20, 2011

Now and then

DH's cell phone rang in the other room. I hear him answer the phone and excitedly greet a good friend of his that he hasn't talked to in a while. A friend that lives in the area that he used to see on a regular basis. As guys are prone to do, they waste no time in cutting to the chase of getting caught up in life. I hear the joyous excitement rise in Dh's voice as his friend tells him that he and his wife re expecting, due in January. As I type this, DH is giggling like a school girl, and giving high fives through the telephone to his friend. He is so excited to have a friend who is having a baby right after us. And my mind drifts back to memories of pregnancy announcements- to times in which the same phone call took place, with other friends, in years past, at a time when pregnancy seemed so elusive. And I remember the pain that seared through me. And I wish I could go back and hold that "me" in my arms and make those years of pain go away. I wish for all those who know all to well what I am talking about- I wish for all of that hurt to not exist.

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