Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ready enough, I think

I think I feel ready.  Not emotionally (heck no), but ready from the perspective of my "to-do" list.  And there was a time not too many days ago that it felt like I'd never feel ready.  All the important things that I felt like HAD to happen before baby arrived are done:

  • -Car seat bought and inspected (so grateful for free Car seat inspection drop-in day at our local hospital otherwise I would have never figured out how to get our base installed snugly)
  • -Bassinet set up and sheets washed (we don't have a crib yet, but will figure that out when we need one)
  • -Dresser purchased and moved into nursery
  • -Baby clothes washed and sorted by size with enough clothes to get by in the newborn and 0-3month ranges
  • -1 week of diapers on hand (we are starting with disposables and then switching to cloth at some point in the near future)
  • -Supplies for me (nursing, who-ha care, etc)
  • -I "think" we have all the basic supplies and gear (boppy, swing, bouncy seat, a couple of carriers, all hand-me-downs which is wonderful)
  • -Overnight bags are (mostly) packed (I keep unpacking things and then forgetting if I repacked them so I really should double check)
  • -Most critical stuff at work has been passed on to someone else (for the most part), even though I am technically working until this Friday
  • -Carpets are clean, house is put back together
  • -Car has an appointment on Wednesday to get a good detailing inside and out (no, it isn't critical that this be done before baby comes, but I will feel better getting it out of the way and I got a good deal on Grou.pon) 
  • -Email list is compiled for "birth announcement"  (I am tickled that I also got our snail mail list of addresses for mailing birth announcements/xmas cards all ready to go-  I figured that might be hard to get done once baby is here so I got it all organized ahead of time)
With this done I no longer feel the panic of not being "ready".  Although there is plenty I would love to still get done before baby arrives, but none of it is on the critical list.  Now, during the waiting time I can just poke away at the list and not feel the pressure of it HAVING to get completed.  

Now if my emotions would just catch up and feel "ready" for what is to come we'd be good to go.


  1. just breathe. life is about to change forever. enjoy your last few moments alone. if you get it done, good. if not, it is an excuse to get you or someone out of the house. can't wait!!