Monday, October 12, 2009

And so it goes

BFN on 12 dpiui and 13 dpiui. And my nice high BBT temps took a nose dive yesterday and again today. It's done.

I had prepared myself as much as possible that any IUI has low odds, and this one in particular with such a low count of swimmers. What is hard is that I had figured we'd give it three cycles of IUI before moving on to something else (more treatment or stopping). That was the plan.

Now I have no idea what is next. I have no idea what our options are. I have no idea if the low counts were a one time thing and we should try IUI again? Or if given his low counts more IUIs are a waste of time (and money)? I have no clue what to do next, I feel like if CD1 is imminent, then I don't have very many days to decide what the next steps are. IUI again to see if history repeats? dive into IVF? win the lottery to pay for it?

I have no idea what our next steps should be....nada


  1. I'm sorry.
    Did IUI cost a lot of money?

  2. I am sorry to hear this. I hope your RE can suggest something to increase the count. :(

  3. You're in my thoughts. So sorry about the BFN. Sending you hugs and prayers, especially as you think about the next steps.