Monday, October 26, 2009

great jumpin jehosaphat! holy smokes! yipee!

I have just been googling for the past 5 minutes trying to find an expression to start out this post. I want to do a dance on a top of a mountain and yell at the top of my lungs:

"My insurance is paying! They are frickin' paying!"

Not everything- and I certainly don't understand their math- but in total they paid about 1/2 the cost of our first IUI. HALF! And we were expecting NOTHING. Plus, in addition they are paying almost all of our consultation appointments.

I am holding my breath because I fear they will somehow retract this. But time and time again they keep paying. They keep paying!!!!!

I feel like a bit of justice is being done. When I realized my insurance would not cover these visits or treatments it felt like such an injustice that a women, a couple, doesn't have the choice to pursue medical help for fertility issues or recurrent pregnancy loss. And they are paying!

At the very least this means we can do our several IUIs and it will cost 1/2 of what we planned on using from our savings.

And if I let my brain dream a little bit- I start to wonder if they are covering these visits and appointments in part if maybe, just maybe, the same would be true for IVF..... It would be a whole new ballgame if that was the case. I don't dare dream of that just yet though.

They are paying!


  1. Great news! It is not fair at all that insurance can deny IF treatments.

  2. Awesome!! I'm so glad to hear that. It's so good to catch a break!