Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Today: Brought home our new (new to us) car (4 door family car I might add)
Tomorrow: CD13 Follie check tomorrow morning, full day at work, find and buy interview outfit
Friday: Job Interview for me; big post-cancer scan/check-ups for DH
Saturday: Likely IUI#2 and signing car loan papers (gulp)

Life is full right now.

My posts have been pretty up beat and I have been feeling hopeful these days. I do think though that just looking at these bullet points from just these four days, I should take note that crashing in the near future is very possible. So much BIG life stuff happening. So much out of my control. These are the times that growth happens. We will see...hoping to take it all in stride.


So, after talking with my current RE, "Dr. grass is greener" and with the RE I got the 2nd consult from - i have decided to do an HSG. I had declined before because of the cost and not knowing how far we were dipping our toes in the waters of infertility treatments. But it makes sense now I think (if this cycle is a BFN).

I really liked the 2nd consultation doctor I saw a couple of weeks ago- we'll call him Dr. Silver. Due to the scheduling I had my appointment with him before I had my follow-up appointment with Dr. grass is greener following my IUI/BFN. And I left my appointment with dr. silver thinking I might consider moving to him. But then I met with dr. grass is greener and realized i really like her too. The cool thing, is I feel like I have the best of both worlds right now- I have my foot in the door at two great clinics and IF I feel I need to move clinics or get more info- I have that option. The other fabulous and unexpected outcome of this 2nd consultation is I found out that the HSG will be 1/2 the price at the new clinic. And they said even if I keep my treatments at my current clinic, I could come to them just for the HSG. It was eye opening to realize there could be such a huge price difference for the same procedure. The difference is that one clinic does it in their office and the other uses another facility so I imagine there is a extra fee for that. Anyways I am thrilled I stumbled on to this information. Makes me want to do my homework in the future to explore the actual costs of each step along the way with the REs.

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  1. Full, busy, and hopeful are good things!
    Thinking of you with all these big events coming up this week. Wishing you the best. Keep us posted!