Wednesday, October 28, 2009

IUI #2 CD12

This cycle has flown by. It is SO busy right now in life, I even forgot to order my HCG injection until today. Ooops- thankfully I swear the online pharmacy folks work all the time- I called to day and it will be here tomorrow, so i will still get it in time to (most likely) inject tomorrow night.

Its nice that this cycle has flown by- nice to be able to actually be actively trying but not have it take much mental energy. I have barely thought about IF related things this cycle.

Tomorrow is CD13 U/S. If all goes as planned, HCG injection tomorrow night and IUI on Saturday morning. Sunday morning my sister and my baby niece come to visit for 11 days. I can POAS the morning after they leave. I am thinkin' this 2ww should fly by as well with the family here.

My BBT temps are all over the place. I can't figure it out- I usually have predictable temps. But there is no pattern. I did a OPK today and doesn't show my LH surge yet. Which is good. All of this though has my expectations on the lower side for my U/S tomorrow. We'll see.

I continue to be in really good spirits. Hopeful. I guess I feel like I have options- with IVF being one of those options. Time will tell if we need it, but I think I am ready for it if we get to that point and we are pretty close to being able to afford it as well.

24 hours from CD13 U/S.....


  1. Your optimism is inspiring, I'm SO glad you have had distractions this month, and that they will continue through the TWW. I'm on CD 15 - doing things the natural way. Hopefully this will be our cycle!!

  2. Wishing you tons of luck! I hope you don't make it to IVF but glad that is an option.

  3. Good luck with your u/s tomorrow! I will be checking in.