Thursday, December 31, 2009

100th Post and IUI#3

100 posts on the last day of the year. I had planned on doing something more substantive for this post, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

Today is IUI#3. I called in "sick" to work because the IUI is right smack in the middle of the day, and the clinic is no where near my office. So, I am home, sleeping in, and looking forward to a low key day to end 2009. Sleep in, do IUI, new years eve party tonight with dear friends, and then a long weekend. Sounds like a good way to wrap up the year to me.

DH is delivering his goods in a few hours and I'll be going in for the IUI shortly after. As much as I wish we weren't still TTC and on IUI #3, it is nice to know what to expect and have it all be a bit more routine.

Noelle left a comment on my last post that has really stuck with me. She said "Just think...this may be the last cycle that you have to worry about this."

As much as I am still trying to manage my expectations so that I don't fall too hard if this doesn't go the way I want it, I am trying to hold on to that simple and astonishing statement- just maybe, this could be it. (Thanks Noelle for that reminder!)

Hoping deeply that we have a good post-wash count today with DHs swimmers. His counts have gotten worse and worse from his first semen analysis, to post wash counts on IUI#1 & #2. His count today will be important for knowing if we indeed are seeing a trend to be alarmed about.

Oh, 2009- you definitely did not look how I had hoped. But today I feel a sense of calm, knowing that the darkness has not overcome me even with this difficult journey, and amazingly, I still have hope. Hope that someday this WILL be beautiful.

and a new year is about to begin once again........


  1. I can totally understand what you're saying about how nice it is to know what to expect during an iui cycle. DH and I have been doing things the natural way and I hated not knowing if dh would be in the 'mood' or if one of us might be on a business trip during the fertile window, things like that. At times I wished it could be more of a scheduled appointment type of thing. And yes, this very well could be the last time! I hope the new year gets off to the best start for you. And have fun at that party!

  2. I hope the IUI and the party go well tonight! I wish you the best for 2010...and may this cycle be "THE" cycle.

  3. I'm glad that you got to sleep in before your IUI! It sounds like you have a great New Year's Eve planned and a great outlook on things.

    I admire you for not letting the TTC "woes" overcome you. Hold on to that hope. :)