Wednesday, December 23, 2009

HSG Results and IUI take #3

DH and I had a nice weekend away to relax, and slow down a bit. Of, course, AF reared its ugly head on day two of the vacation. I knew that it was coming, so it wasn't a surprise, but it was still hard. I think the holidays have also added to my grief, because I have had some days of being just plain cranky and days of the sobbing tears that come out of no where. Christmas is one of those times of the year that marks the passage of yet another year- another year with things not looking how I thought they would, how I wanted it to be....

We are back to RE land this cycle after trying a DIY cycle this past month. I had an HSG yesterday and a follow up appointment today. Good news is that my tubes are both open. Bad news is that my uterus doesn't quite look how they want it to. Could be scar tissue, could be a polyp (although not too likely), could just be a mystery but they just don't know. I am suppose to have a follow up test (a saline sono something or other?) to explore this further next cycle. So basically (once again) it is more info, but not more answers. And they have no idea if any of this would have any impact on getting pregnant.

Today is CD7 and I just took my last dose of Letrozal. As I have mentioned before, I have sort of been straddling two RE clinics. I have been doing my IUIs at the clinic near our house and getting some 2nd opinions (and now recently doing the HSG) at the clinic in the city. Now I have to decide where I will actually have my IUI done this cycle. Stay with the place I know and that is 5 minutes from my house? or Go to the place where I had my HSG? This is the decision that I need to make today. We'll see...

When we do our IUI (probably new years eve day or new years day- nice, huh?! insert sarcasm), it will have been just shy of two months since my husband's hernia repair. He still believes (and I am hoping) that the hernia was negatively impacting his sperm count. Three months is how long it can take for counts to rebound, but our doctor said that if there was to be an improvement, we would see it incrementally. Hoping this is true. Cuz I am getting tired of doctors. Adding in a urologist to the mix is a layer of this journey I just want to avoid.


  1. I hope you are not on this agonizing journey too long. I get sick of doctors too! I hope everything with your uterus turns out okay. I have heard of some women having a "rippling" effect of their uterus??

    Here is to hoping the HSG and the new year brings great news!!

  2. All the Dr visits do get manotanous don't they! I suppose the good news is that we can feel confident that we are taking control of the situation and doing all we can to speed up the process :)

    Sending you lotts of well wishes for your next IUI and praying 2010 is your year!