Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Once upon a time

When we first found out we were pregnant (the first time). We decided not to tell my family. It was really really hard to keep it from them. I talk to my family every day, they like to know all about what goes on in our lives. And I had to work very hard to not spill the beans.

but we were going to be visiting them- And I would have been 9 weeks when we were visiting. And my favorite aunt was going to be there as well. It was perfect. I was giddy with excitement at the gifts I had had made as a way of announcing it to my family.

Instead, I called my family in advance of the trip and told them we were pregnant, but going to miscarry. These gifts, and my innocence, got stuck in a box, in a closet somewhere. Our time spent with them felt more like preparation for a funeral. It was..

And it was not how I had planned....


  1. :( Aww. I hope you can take them out of the box soon.

  2. I can relate, completely. Frankly, it sucks. It was brave of you to keep everything. This sure wasn't what I had planned either.

  3. I am so sorry. Both of my pregnancies were not how I wanted to tell my family (sobbing and crying over the phone).

    I hope you can take all of them out of the box soon and are able to share good news with your family.

  4. I know how hard it is to share such news with your family, but it's harder to bare it alone. Hang in there! These onsies will one day remind you of how strong and deserving of a mother you are.

  5. I relate to this so closely...I had framed our u/s photo and wrapped it in pretty paper in preparation to give our Mother's on Mother's day, as we felt we'd reached the "safe" mark. Little did I know I'd go for my appt the next day and our angel would lay sleeping *tears*

    I have yet to unwrap the package, and 7 months later it sits in my office. One day, maybe, I will be able to face this, but not today.

    Lov and Hugs, as I understand.


  6. So sweet and so, so sad. I often feel robbed of the opportunity to joyfully share pregnancy news with family. Too many announcements (or planned ones) were closely followed by losses.

    Sending you hugs & support, friend. I sure hope you will put those outfits to use one day soon.