Thursday, February 17, 2011

4dp5dt- The good and the errr..not so good

The good-

-time is going fast- I smiled when I counted the days on my hand just now for the title of this post. In all of our 2ww waits (over the past three years!) this has been the easiest (so far- ask me again next week). DH and I are going out of town until Saturday, so hopefully time will keep going fast.

-Mild cramping on Tuesday and Wednesday - I know it is strange to put this in the category of good things, but it was nice to feel "something" happening down there. Who knows if it is really implantation, or just side effects of progesterone, or my uterus freaking out from all of the attention is has been getting, but I was oddly comforted by this cramping.

-I have been away from the office several days this past week due to meetings and days I took off and as a result I avoided a nasty bug that spread to two thirds of my co-workers. So grateful to not get sick during my 2ww.

_ I have received some sweet messages out of the blue that have been so dear to me of people IRL who are rooting for this embryo. The importance of community through all of this is unmeasurable.

The not so good

-OHSS sucks. Really sucks. I am glad to say (knock on wood, on please don't let me be jinxed by saying this) that I am starting to feel better. On the day of my transfer my doctor gave me a serious lecture about canceling the transfer. I was shocked because my case is still considered mild. But learned that getting pregnant can fuel it and make it even worse. The worst by far for me was the difficulty breathing- actually I have seen it written some places that it is really more of just a sensation that it is difficult to breathe and that is so true. But oh it was awful. The bloating sucked, the pain wasn't fun, the 5lb gain in 5 days wasn't cool, but it was the breathing issue that sent me over the edge. I still have some of this that comes and goes, but much better. It started coming on a few days after the ER and was the worst 4dp ER (Saturday). Started getting better 8 dp ER.
Crossing my fingers.

*I feel like I don't say this enough, but thanks for all the comments. I have been so encouraged knowing there are so many blogger buds that "get it". I couldn't do this without you.


  1. The cramps are reassuring, aren't they? ;)

  2. Cramps are a good sign ;) Wow, I didn't know that OHSS could cause breathing problems. That sounds miserable.

  3. Sounds like all good things to me, minus the OHSS of course...

    Hoping to hear more great news from you very soon - enjoy the weekend!

  4. Sounds promising!! I hope you feel better soon! C'mon BFP!!

  5. OHSS is awful and I'm sorry you are enduring it and its awful lingering side effects. However, I am SO VERY HOPEFUL of your future. All things crossed and many prayers for all things "sticky".

    Feel Better Soon :)

  6. Glad to hear the 2ww seems to be going by fast. Hoping the home stretch goes by quickly too and that those cramps are a good sign! :)

  7. Glad you're feeling positive and that time is going fast :)) Great to hear your OHSS is clearing up and fingers crossed for you 2WW xoxo