Saturday, February 19, 2011

Within the Pee Zone

Today is 6dp5dt. Crazy.

Today marks (what I consider as) the start of the Pee Zone. The days in which I would consider starting to POAS. (I would pee on a stick every day and have considered it, but i think that will only send me to the loony bin sooner.)

To pee or not to pee has been debated in our household. DH wants to wait and I, well I still don't know what I want to do. I think I have narrowed it down to waiting until Monday (13 dpo) which is plenty safe in my head. My BETA isn't until Wednesday and I just can' imagine holding off all the way until then (15dpo).

First step though? I need to actually go BUY pee sticks. Not having any in the house is a good excersice in self control. Even if I wanted to I couldn't.

We will see....


  1. I'd be very tempted to do one too... but we've been told that their not very reliable after taking all the IVF drugs and might give you a false negative or positive - see what they say on the box. Thinking of you over the next few days and keeping my fingers crossed for you xoxo

  2. I would so pee but thats only because you did IVF. on a normal month to month I try not to.

  3. I worked in pharmacy when I first did IVF, so I knew when the earliest possible moment a pee-stick could give results, and was there in the bathroom with one (in my pee-mug. No pee on THIS girl's hands!) I got a faint, faint line, but after years of never ever getting a result other than a BFN, that faint line was the best thing I had ever seen! So when the nurse called with my blood results and gave me a number, I wasn't totally confused. (I thought pregnancy tests were pass/fail! I didn't know we were getting SCORED!)