Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello again, February.

My February track record:

February 2008- Pregnant after only the 2nd month of trying. Hallelujah. But we know now how that ended.

February 2009- Pregnant (finally) after a while of trying. Hopeful but terrified. And we know how that ended too.

February 2010- still Not pregnant. Emotionally and physically spent. Hope was hard to come by.

And here you are again February. The first day of the month, February 2011- three years into this journey. And the month in which a beta will tell us whether or not we are pregnant once again.* And I have so much hope for you February. So much hope...

*With the necessary disclaimer that I have no delusions that a positive pregnancy test means a real live baby. I know all too well. Ahhh...one step at a time.

I feel a bit like a kid at Christmas, or on the last day of school- knowing that something is just around the corner. But my excitement is for my injections. Ha! I get excited several times during the day looking forward to my injection that night. Not because I like the needles poking me over and over (HELL, no!) But because it is one more task closer to the end of this. I am such a dork. And blog land is probably the only place that "gets" the twisted irony of this. :)


  1. Know how you feel... I hate being on the Pill (always feel nauseated and moody) but look forward to taking it each night and am keen to start the injections next week... if only it wasn't to start on Gabrielle's birth anniversary. Hopefully February is going to be a good month for us in IVF-land :)) xo

  2. Your not a dork. I get it. I hope stimming goes well!