Saturday, February 12, 2011


This week I went to a get together of women at our church. We are fairly new at this church and I thought it would be a good way to get to know some more people, which it was. I had a great time as they are almost all around my age- but I couldn't help sharing this story. Near the end of the night, people had migrated to the table I was at and before long there was only 4 of us at the table. On my right, a women was was 7 months pregnant and and my left a women was was 8 months pregnant. And I am not making this up- across from me was a L&D nurse at the local hospital. The ENTIRE conversation was about babies and labor and pregnancy, and CONSTANT belly rubbing. I just had to laugh inside, the irony of it. I think this is the only time in the past three years of IF though that I had the emotional centeredness, and enough hopefulness, to be able to sit there without vomiting. I did not run away, and I actually enjoyed the evening.


I talk with my mom frequently. We have a decent relationship but it takes work at times on my part. I tell her quite a bit about our IVF because she was infertile and had endo. And she mostly understands. She has been a pretty good cheerleader through this. She knew we'd get our fertilization report on Wednesday. Once she heard from my husband the news that we had embryos growing, I got a text message from her and all it said was "I've started knitting the baptismal blanket." Having someone else hope just as fervently as we are, maybe even more fervently, brings tears to my eyes.


Transfer is tomorrow at 10:45am; We'll also get a report for the first time as to quality of our embryos.


  1. Great that you stayed so centred... I was out to dinner last night with a group of friends (one of which is due next week) & it took all my strength to stay... she had done IVF but then got pregnant naturally but must have found IVF so traumatic that she doesn't seem keen to talk about it with me. To be able to stay centred is no small achievement... I'm looking forward to the day that I can do that :)) Good luck for tomorrow... will be thinking of you xo

  2. Praying for 1 (or 2) beautiful healthy embies for tomorrow's transfer and of course for them to snuggle in. I am hoping with you for a BFP in 2 weeks!

  3. Good luck tomorrow morning! I hope all goes well.

  4. I will be thinking about you tomorrow, and praying for your little embies. Implant and grow! Implant and grow!!!!

  5. Best of luck for your transfer tomorrow! Hoping to hear some great numbers.

    My hat goes off to you for surviving that conversation surrounded by bellies...I think I would have had to run away before the tears started. Go you!!!