Thursday, February 10, 2011

more news

first, thanks so much for all the supportive comments and for those of you who know this path better than I. I definitely stopped (some) of my worrying.

Nurse called today. I was nervous for this call. As best as I understand, ideally making it to a day 5 transfer is preferred. (Again, any one who has more IVF know-how that me please chime in). When we found out there were only 6, that seemed like such a frail number; I didn't want to hold out hope still for a day 5 transfer. So, I anxiously answered the phone today when the nurse called.

But my nurse called and said that WE ARE DOING OUR TRANSFER ON SUNDAY. Day 5! She didn't have much more to report, but I am hoping that means that all 6 are growing strong. In an ideal world, come Sunday we will have one stellar quality. If we have one excellent embryo, we will transfer just one. That's our first choice. But we will see.

I also asked her (because I had forgotten to ask before) about how many of the 17 eggs they retrieved were mature and she said 13- (which I think is a pretty good percentage?) but for some reason, 5 of the eggs, even with icsi didn't want to fertilize.

On the positive side, time is going quickly and for that I am grateful. Things seem to be going well so far and I am glad for that. And I am grateful that up until know I have felt great. However...I am feeling pretty crappy now. I hate complaining, but I need to vent. I am bloated, still a bit sore and crampy down there, my breathing is uncomfortable, and I just feel full. I've had nauseousness (from the progesterone?) and my girls are sore and full. This morning I was in such a crabby mood I couldn't even stand to be around myself! That bad.

Sigh, I hope it passes. I hope I am still just recovering from the retrieval and that I start to feel more like myself soon.

In the meantime I am thrilled to be rooting for our 6 embryos, I just can't believe we actually have embryos, our embryos...


  1. (hugs) I hope transfer goes off without a hitch!

  2. Oh wow Sunday is almost here!! Yeay ;)

  3. Fantastic news... thinking of you tomorrow :)) 6 embryos is great... wonderful that they're growing strong. What an amazing feeling to know you have 6 little ones waiting. Fingers crossed for you xoxo

  4. Wonderful, Sunday is soon here! Hope you feel a bit better today, fingers crossed for a smooth transfer.