Saturday, February 5, 2011

CD 8 (Sorry, can't think of a better title)

Being it was a Saturday DH got to come with to my u/s appointment today to check out the follies. I am always glad when he gets to be a part of the process. I love that he finds is fascinating to see my follicles via a vaginal u/s. ha!

The tech didn't tell me much today, so I am still waiting for the doc/nurse to call, but there were 10 on my left that she measured that were between 10mm and 18 mm. (and 6 or more unmeasurable size yet). And on the right, I didn't get the exact count but I'd say 7 that measured 11mm to 16mm. And a bunch she didn't measure.

They are having me come back again tomorrow, which i don't mind. I thought all these appointments would have felt draining and a chore, but so far I like that I am "doing" something rather than just waiting.

I'm still guessing Wednesday for retrieval, which was the most likely date all along. But who knows.

I am starting to feel full and my ovaries don't like to be bumped or josseled. Signs of progress. I felt fantastic all the way through Thursday, but yesterday and today I'm starting to feel blah. I'm still hangin' in there fine, but glad I can see the end to the injections.


  1. Hoping those eggs GROW!!!!! Good luck! Hang in there I know blah isn't fun!

  2. The fullness and tenderness are something I can relate to. And I think your follies are coming along nicely :)

    Sending you loads of baby dust! Prayers and hugs too.

  3. I feel better being monitored every day. It gives me some kind of security. Thank you for the comment on my post! Just started blogging after reading other's blog and seeing the support you give each other! It's amazing, good to know I'm not alone in this! Best of luck tomorrow! Hope they set your ER date!

  4. I'm with you on the wanting to "do" things rather than just wait :) Great that follicles are growing and lots to choose from too. Sending you thoughts and wishes for your retrieval. Just started blogging too and already feel better from sharing this journey with you all xo