Tuesday, April 12, 2011

11 weeks- Update

How Far Along? 11weeks

Maternity Clothes? In regular clothes I am down to 1 pair of dress pants, 1 pair of jeans and then some loungewear that still fits.  I have been ordering a bunch of maternity bottoms, trying to find what fits and I now have a few maternity pair that will last me for a while.  I also got two maternity tops on clearance at O.ld Na.vy for $4 each.  Don't need them yet, but nice bargain.

Weight Gain? I have been avoiding the scale.  I'll report next week. Updated:  I braved the scale.  7 pounds.  this is hard for me, I need to work on accepting that my body knows what it is doing.

Stretch Marks? No

Sleep? Waking up and peeing still once a night around 4-5am; starting to not like sleeping on my stomach.Some crazy dreams now and then.

Best Moment of the Week? the U/S at 10wk3 days and seeing the kiddo kicking and moving.  And almost as wonderful has  been watching the video of the u/s over and over again.

Movement? No

Food Cravings? I've been wanting green salads again, which is really nice (but only if someone else makes them for me).  Still plenty of aversions, but overall it is all more manageable most of the time.

Gender? We don't plan to find out the gender prior to the kid's arrival

What I miss? Not much this week, it has been a pretty good week.  If I had to choose something I'd say I miss being able to take heavy duty sinus meds.  My sinuses have been brutal this week.

Symptoms: The usual waves of nausea, tiredness.  Oh, and after stressing about whether or not the girls had gotten bigger?  I tried on a few of my bras (I had resorted to only wearing my sports bras for comfort and realized I hadn't even worn my regular bras in weeks), well turns out NONE of the old ones fit.  I'd say I have grown.  There have also been some strange symptoms too during this trimester-  I get this really weird scalp pain at the top/crown of my head.  It is as if my hair follicles hurt (sort of like a too tight ponytail feeling).  I googled it and found some other pregnant folks talking about it on some forums.  So at least I am not crazy.  So strange.  It comes and it goes, and is not at all related to the days I do/don't wear ponytails.

What I'm looking forward to? I'm looking forward to when I look definitively pregnant, even to strangers.  I am a little tired of feeling self conscious about my growing, thick mid-section.  Especially when I am not quite ready to share the news.  I worry a co-worker is going to publicly ask me and I won't know how to respond.

Weekly Wisdom: Don't wanna fear no more,  I want to love every moment of this pregnancy.

Milestones: No more vaginal prometrium as of last week (10 weeks).  My RE said I could just stop cold turkey.  The idea of that stressed me out and I had planned to wean off of it until 11 weeks.  But once I got to 10weeks I was so sick of those things that I just stopped cold turkey.  Oh, it is nice to be done. 

Emotions: Today?  Still feeling calm from having had the good u/s.  Starting to feel a bit relaxed.  Starting to imagine the excitement of sharing the news with others.  Still a bit prone to crankiness-  my job irks me more often then not, I have to take a deep breath with DH more than usual to not snap at him,  but, all it all it isn't too bad.

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  1. that is strange about the hair. I have heard from my friends who have had kids that they lose a large amount of hair. Strange..I am not sure why.
    congrats again. I can't wait for you to start really enjoying every minute of your pregnancy. I hope it comes soon. you do deserve it:)