Saturday, April 30, 2011

From DH's perspective- Out of the Woods

At 13weeks4days, here is a writing excerpt from DH

Out of the Woods- 4/30/11
We’re officially out of the woods now
as far as science tells us—
past the first trimester.
and I have seen your little fingers and toes
and one leg kicking wildly
as you tossed and turned
a somersault
in you mother’s belly

but I have been talking to you
through the thin wall of skin, muscle, blood and fluid
that separates us
my voice must sound to you
like the wax-coated string
and tin can telephone conversations
I had with my friends as a kid
But you are my baby
As sure as I am your poppa

I love and adore you
without so much as the knowledge
of your being a boy or a girl,
and without you even having a name.

my heart sings and dances
a Spanish love song
with each little wiggle and leg kick
that you make
each tiny, thumb sucking, body-stretching moment
that I know that you exist.


  1. Love poetry (especially ones that don't rhyme!)!!! *SWOON*

    Come on over to my blog tomorrow afternoon! I'll be revealing my baby's gender. I know you're waiting until yours is born which is SO cool! I think if I had one of each gender I would want to be surprised. There's something absolutely special in that.

  2. So sweet and so beautiful. Love these thoughts from your hubby's heart.

  3. How sweet, he's got a talent there =)