Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dates and anniversaries.

Friday is my next u/s. I have been cranky all week, I think it is nerves. I will be 10wk3days on Friday.

And I just looked at an old blog post and realized.......Friday is also the anniversary of my first D&C in 2008. I was 10wk4days. Ugg.

Now I am understanding this underlying crabbiness this week....

So far, history has been rewriting a new chapter, a much better chapter. Praying that Friday will be another celebration of this new chapter.


  1. I am praying for that, too. I hope Friday gets here quickly.

    Gosh, I hate that it falls on the same day. Would it make it any better to reschedule it?

  2. Great that history is rewriting a new chapter... your nerves make sense. Thinking of you heading towards your ultrasound xoxo