Thursday, January 27, 2011

1 year older

It's my birthday.  My birthdays in recent years have been pretty hard.  But I am very aware of the fact that I, for a change, feel immensely content.  It has been a long long time since I have felt this content on my birthday.  Three years of Miscarriages, infertility, and the dreaded "advanced maternal age" marker approaching have a way of casting a cloud on what should be a wonderful day.  Last year especially I was a wreck on my birthday-  a sobbing wet puddle.  I wish I could go back in time and hug that self and assure her she was going to be okay, truly.

But today, I feel deep joy and gratitude.  I truly have hope that by my next birthday we'll have or be closer to having a family. DH is cooking dinner for me, I am taking the morning off of work tomorrow and going to acupuncture.  I insisted that DH not spend any more on me for my birthday (because we have spent far enough lately with this whole IVF adventure- Hon, let's just call that my present and say we're good. ha!)  And I truly feel content.

AF is here, I think, well wait a sec.
It's more than just spotting, but not as heavy as it normally is.  So I called my nurse, just to see what they count as the start of my "actual' period.  (I love trying to explain the characteristics of AF while working in cubicle land at work.) And she said I am good to go.  So we are officially starting stims Saturday.
300 iu folli.stim
75 men.opur
5 lupron


  1. Sorry I just put your "Happy Birthday" comment on the wrong post... my reader hadn't updated the feed just yet. Hope you enjoyed your day! SO glad AF showed up and you are good to go! Wishing you all the best and hoping that next year's birthday will bring even more to celebrate.

  2. Happy Birthday! Good luck with Stims!

  3. Happy Birthday. I hope this is the year for you. :)

    My AF has always been weird on Lupron too - I had forgotten that this time around, so I was sort of like you. "AF is here. Wait, sort of. Hrm."

    Fingers crossed. And you won't neccessarily have to worry about taking a lot of days off after retrieval if you don't overstimulate. My sister, for example, who is younger then me by 4.5 years was on the SAME protocol you are - more meds than me - and she felt great the day after her retrieval. I will be hoping that your experience is as good as hers.


  4. Happy Birthday. Sounds like a wind of change due to how you handling things.

    P.S. Being in a different timezone makes me either late or very early on announcements =)

  5. Happy birthday, I hope you had a great day!