Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year, CD 3!

CD 1 was Thursday. I felt joy welling up inside of me as I talked with my nurse to (finally) schedule CD 3 bloodwork- the long awaited first step in IVF #1. FSH and Estrogen will be checked today along with some other less important stuff that she is throwing in the labwork just to get it done and checked off my list. I start birth control tomorrow (still not exactly sure why, but seems pretty common from what I read).

And if all goes as planned, sometime in February we will know if I am pregnant or not from cycle #1. (We aren't going to talk yet about the long, mentally draining wait from POAS until viability- but we'll cross that bridge when we have to).

On another note, my endo reared its ugly head in a major way this cycle and the pain was not only brutal, but long lived. DH was ready to scrap our IVF plan and opt for surgery for my endo. But I reminded him that getting pregnant will have the same desired effect- my endo pain will subside for the near future. And thankfully, as soon as AF arrives the pain becomes manageable.

What a way to start the new year. Oh, Mr. 2011, I have so much hope for you.

And a new year has begun....


  1. Good luck with ivf. I hope this is it for you!