Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Grateful and Needles

We are getting better at this already. And I am SO grateful.

Yesterday was the first day of injections. DH wants this to be a way he can be involved, so he is giving the injections each night. And OH MY GOSH yesterday hurt. Yes, the pain subsided fairly quickly, but not quick enough. And it really hurt. Not what I was expecting. It spooked me a fair bit as I was already apprehensive about the days and days to come of these.

But tonight? Oh, tonight was blissful. I barely felt it. Bing, bang, and it was done. And did I mention I hardly felt it? Oh, what a relief. nice to know that practice helps and we will keep getting better at this. DH planned to try to be even quicker tonight with inserting the needle and that must have been the difference. But, Oh, was I relieved.

I do think I could give the injection to myself, and I will make sure to practice in case he ever isn't able to. But, I actually really am appreciating that he is doing this- and that it matters so much to him to be a part of it in his own way. At first when he was insistent on wanting to have this be his task, I sort of humored him. "Yea, well, okay, fine." But now I am finding it to be a relief as well as nice to not feel alone in it.

Random side note: Funny the things you think about when you enter into a new chapter in the IF journey. I have been fixated the last few days on thinking about the lab at our clinic and the embryologist. I've decided I want to find a way to get a tour and meet the lab folks. I had never given it any thought before, but now as I think about the role they play in all of this, I think I want to see it for myself. I want to see where all this amazing science is taking place. I wonder if our clinic allows that?


  1. I know that on the day of our transfer we were taken into the lab by one of the scientists and she showed us a photo of our embryo (and gave us a copy on a CD) plus explained her part in the transfer procedure, including how she picks up the embie and the tool used. I am sure your clinic would be willing to give you a little tour.

    We also had the chance to meet with one of the scientists and speak with them earlier in our cycle too.

  2. Ouchy, Sorry the other night hurt. I always cheered and was so happy when we had a night that didn't hurt much at all. Neat idea about the lab people. I always saw them walking by, but never really knew them.